Konsultan Manajemen SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultants

Konsultan SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultant,Pelatihan Sumber Daya Manusia

Konsultan Manajemen,SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultant
Konsultasi ISO,SOP,FS, Feasibilty Study,Bisnis Plan,Pelatihan Sumber Daya Manusia ,HR Consulting

Konsultan ISO,Sistem Manajemen Mutu,HR Capital Consultants,ISO9001,HRD,SDM
SOP,ISO9001,ISO Consultants,ISO14001,ISO22000,ISO50001,OHSAS18001,Bisnis Plan

Konsultan Manajemen SDM,Sumber Daya Manusia,HRD, HRM Consultants
SOP,ISO Consultant,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,ISO50001,OHSAS18001,Bisnis Plan


About Us : Konsultan Manajemen SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultants,ISO,SOP,FS,Bisnis Plan

SIEN Consultants is a “Business Strategic and Human Resource Management System Consulting firm” dedicated to support organizations in all sectors of business, industry and government.  We have commitment to give the “Best services” to all customers to build the “Customer Trust” as our company asset.

SIEN Consultants provide a wide range of consulting and training services in the sectors of Productivity, Quality, Enviromnent, Food Safety, Occupation Health and safety, Automotive, Laboratory, Information Technolgy Security, Accounting System, Strategy Business“.

Since its establishment in 2001, SIEN Consultants has rapidly emerged as one of the leading business consulting firm in Indonesia. Our success is suppored with human resources who have educated, reliability, professionalism and have wide experiences as “track record” on their sector,

Since then it was established, SIEN Consultants has proving to assisted many organizations in leading successful change initiatives in various industry or manufactures including : Automotive Part, Spring part, Metal Stamping, Muffler part, Machining Mfg-diesel engine, Heater Manufacturing, Garment, Cussion & Bag, Plastic Packaging, Electronic Light Assembly, Shipping Line, Brokerage, Spinning, Injection Moulding, Electronic Light Assembly, PCB-Electronic part , Speaker Assy, Trade center & Building Management, Food & Beverage, Marine Processing, Can Manufacturing, Water Treatment, Pharmacy, Flexible Packaging, Press & Dies, Printing Offset, Security Printing, Networking provider/Telkom, Carton Box, Forwarding, Transportation, Warehousing, , Furniture, Cigarette, Rubber Seal, Metal Flange, Inpection services.

we believe we could contribute greatly to assist your company in enhancing its performance and your futures business.

 Vision : Konsultan Manajemen SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultants,ISO,SOP,FS,Bisnis Plan


  • To be an “International Company” in consulting services with prior to “Customer Satisfaction”
  • To be a company with “prior to staffs” prosperity as internal partner
  • To be a company which is ‘aware to social humanism” with vision to help poor people on education.


  • Customer Satisfaction is Our Commitment : We give the best service for our entire customer with prior to quality and professionalism of our work with a familiarity.
  • Prosperity of Our Staffs is Our Prosperity : Making our staffs as trusty partner to achieve prosperity together.
  • Aware to Poor People : Helping poor people to get the proper education with giving them scholarships. We already have a foundation to arrange this mission in Semarang



  • Reliability : Competency and professionalism Competency and professionalism of our staffs working is our main priority to assure customer satisfaction
  • Responsiveness : We aware, time is most valuable. Quickly response to service our customer is one of our priorities
  • Assurance : Customer’s trust is our valuable asset and we have commitment to safe their company secrets and give the best after sales service
  • Empathy : Whoever our customer, empathy is our core attitude that is implemented on each our organisation level


  • S = SOLUTIONS : We give solution for customer problem in management system.
  • I = IMPROVEMENT : We make continual improvement together with our customer to achieve customer’s purpose and our purpose
  • E = EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT : Our working methods are effective and efficient also appropriate to customer characteristics
  • N = NO LIMITS : We have vision as Provider of Consulting & Training which is prior to client’s business growth through design & effectiveness of system implemented.


Logo SIEN Consultants is Konsultan Manajemen SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultant,ISO,SOP,FS,Feasibilty Study,Bisnis Plan & Pelatihan Terbaik Indonesia


  • Logo is divided of :
    • 8 (eight) fish bones diagram on 8 (eight) points of the compass and compose an unity as a steering wheel on a ship.
    • Star on the center point
  • Meaning :
    • Fish bones diagram = systematic solution
    • Eight points of the compass = no limits
    • Steering wheel = driver
    • Star = giving illumination to all direction

Our Slogan :

…. Growth, Together with  U…. 

Find Us  : SIEN Consultants is Konsultan Manajemen SDM,HRD,Human Resource Management,HRM Consultant,ISO,SOP,FS,Feasibilty Study,Bisnis Plan & Pelatihan Terbaik Indonesia

Head Office :
Jl. Kyai Caringin No.20A  Jakarta Pusat-10150

Ph/Fax  : +62-21-630 6560 (Hunting)

e-mail to : info@sienconsultant.com

Customer Care : 021-33 98 00 73 / 7077 3509


ISO Consultancy Center

Head Office :
Jl. Kyai Caringin No.20A Cideng
Jakarta Pusat-10150
Ph/fax : 021-630 6560 (Hunting)
Hotline : : +6221-3398 0073 or .
+6221-7077 3509
Hotline SMS : 0818.480.825
email : info@sienocnsultant.com

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